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Child Care and Preschool

Altona is home to a number of licensed home daycares, as well as the Kiddie Sunshine Centre. 

Kiddie Sunshine Centre:


The Kiddie Sunshine Centre is a non-profit organization that is government licensed and regulated.

It was established in 1983 and provides child care for children from 12 weeks to 9 years of age.

They endeavor to help children grow in independence, develop creative skills and provide a variety of activities that stimulate each child’s interests.

KSC is licensed to care for 4 infants, 16 preschoolers, 14 nursery school children and 15 school age children

Philosophy of Care

KSC strives to develop the emotional, physical, cognitive, social and spiritual needs of children through a stimulating and interesting learning program. Their philosophy is based on the belief that all children have a desire to be loved and respected, to learn and to be a contributor to the well-being of others. They attempt to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which the children have freedom of choice whenever possible. They encourage the children to develop independence, respect for themselves as well as others and to respect their environment.


  • Help each child to grow in independence

  • Help each child develop their own creative skills

  • Provide a variety of activities that stimulate each child’s interests

  • Help each child begin to see that they are a part of a larger community

  • Provide a maximum number of staff for the lowest number of children

  • Give the children freedom of choice and to help them accept the responsibility for the alternative chosen

  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages cooperation with other children & adults