Victim Services

Pembina Valley Victim Services

Victim Services recognizes that all too often, victims of crime are unaware of what avenues of assistance are open to them. Victim Services has been established to provide you, the victim, with information about your case at any stage of the investigation, and can assist you in dealing with the problems you have resulting from the crime. 

Contact us: 

Contact the Victim Services Unit if you require assistance in any of the following areas:

  1. Investigation: We will provide you with any information regarding the process of the investigation in your case.
  2. Justice System and Police Procedures: We will explain how the system works in respect to investigation and prosecutions.
  3. Property: If you had property stolen or damaged, whenever possible, we will answer questions.
  4. Compensation Procedures: If you have suffered direct personal injury as the result of a crime, you may be eligible for reimbursement from government for medical expenses, damaged clothing or eyeglasses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, and legal fees. We can direct you to the appropriate agency and assist you with the application forms and procedures.
  5. Emotional Support: We are concerned about your well being, and offer you moral support throughout your case.
  6. Referral: If you require specialized professional assistance, we will direct you to the appropriate community agency. This includes counseling service, legal advice, health care, mediation services, etc.

Phone: 204-325-0829 ext. 2105


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