Police Officers Code of Ethics

"As a Police Officer I recognize that my primary obligation is to serve the public effectively and efficiently by protecting lives and property, preventing and detecting offences, and preserving peace and order.

I will faithfully administer the law in a just, impartial, and reasonable manner, preserving the equality, rights, and privileges of citizens as afforded by law.

I accept that all persons rich or poor, old or young, learned or illiterate, are equal entitled to courtesy, understanding, and compassion. I will not be disparaging of any race, creed or class of people.

In the performance of my duties I acknowledge the limits of my authority and promise not to use it for my personal advantage. I vow never to accept gratuities or favours or compromise myself or the Police Service in any way. I will conduct my public and private life as an example of stability, fidelity, morality, and without equivocation adhere to the same standards of conduct which I am bound by duty to enforce.

I will exercise self-discipline at all times. I will act with propriety toward my associates in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. With self-confidence, decisiveness, and courage I will accept all the challenges, hardships and changes of my profession. In relationships with my colleagues I will endeavour to develop an "esprit de corps."

I will preserve the dignity of all persons and subordinate my own self-interests for the common good. I will be faithful in my allegiance to Queen and Country. I will honour the obligations of my office and strive to attain excellence in the performance of my duties." -