Year-Round Curbside Compost Collection Service

Town of Altona residents can now expect their compostable waste picked up at the curb all year long.  All compostable yard waste and kitchen waste will be accepted.  A green outdoor bin will be provided to each household, as well as a small kitchen pail for collecting food scraps.

We are pleased to announce sponsorship agreements to help offset the costs of the containers with Border Redi Mix Inc. / Derksen Trucking Ltd. in support of the green outdoor bins and with Access Credit Union in support of the kitchen pails. Until the new bins and pails are distributed, we invite you to use your own containers or paper yard waste bags for compost collection.

Starting on April 16th 2019, pick up will occur weekly until early November, at which time pick-up will continue monthly throughout the winter. The pick-up schedule will now run in conjunction with the garbage/recycling schedule (eg. Residents living in the SE corner of town will have compost, garbage & recycling pickup on Tuesdays).

More information regarding the compost program is available here, on the Compost page of the town website.

A group of nine people stand around a large green bin on wheels, which says "Altogether Altona". On top of this bin is a smaller green pail which reads "Access Credit Union".
Lionel Ewbank of Access Credit Union (centre-left), Councillor Siemens (centre-right) and members of the Altona Community Action Network pose with sample kitchen compost pail.
Four people stand with a large green compost bin which says Altogether Altona. Two of the people, a man and a woman, are shaking hands above the bin.
Norma Derksen and Bill Derksen of Border Redi Mix Inc. / Derksen Trucking Ltd (left), and Councillors Siemens and Letkeman (right) pose with sample outdoor compost bin.