Water Restrictions Lessened, Not Lifted

Thanks to the hard work of the Altona community, as well as the efforts of the other municipalities within the Pembina Valley Water Coop, the PVWC has downgraded our water restriction. This change also comes due to a favourable weather forecast and the agriculture spraying season wrapping up, which should reduce demand on the system.

We all still need to practice water conservation, and our Water Works, Public Works, and Parks teams will continue to use non-potable water for their tasks as much as possible. If you would like to request that your rain barrel be filled with non-potable water for your own use, you may contact our office to make arrangements (204-324-6468).

Updated Restrictions:

  • Manual exterior window washing is permitted.
  • Watering of gardens is permitted.
  • Watering of flowers, trees and shrubs, and new grass plantings is permitted on an even/odd schedule (even-numbered houses on even days, etc).
  • Watering of lawns may resume once a week with even numbered civic addresses watering on Saturdays, and odd numbered civic addresses on Sundays.

We are also asking for a voluntary reduction of water use for the following activities:

  • Pesticide or fertilizer application
  • Washing of vehicles
  • Filling fountains & other decorative features
  • Filling of pools, hot tubs and wading pools
  • Water use for construction purposes
  • Washing sidewalks, driveways, exterior building surfaces, etc

Our target is a 10% reduction in water consumption.