Water Restrictions Eased

The drought state of emergency has been lifted due to the amount of precipitation received and the elevated river flows. The Red River level is 14 inches higher than it was at the end of June.

The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative will continue to monitor the situation throughout the winter and into next spring to ensure that adequate water supply is maintained, and individual municipalities will continue to issue their own levels of restriction.

What does this mean for outdoor water use in Altona?

We are now moving from stage three to stage two under our water conservation bylaw. Tap through the list below to learn how to conserve water under this level of restriction.

Manual exterior window washing and watering of gardens
Voluntary Reduction
Washing sidewalks, walkways, driveways, exterior building surfaces or other outdoor surfaces.
Pesticide or fertilizer application.
Washing vehicles.
Filling fountains or other decorative features.
Filling hot tubs, swimming pools and wading pools.
Water use for construction purposes, including grading, compaction and dust control.
Outdoor ice making.
Hydrant and sewer main flushing.
Street cleaning.
Permitted at limited capacity
Watering of lawns is permitted once per week, even-numbered properties on Saturdays and odd-numbered properties on Sundays.
Watering of new grass plantings with reasonable evidence of recent installation, and watering of flowers, trees and shrubs is permitted every other day on an odd/even schedule.

Thank you for your continued efforts to conserve water and protect our water supply.