Voluntary Water Reduction

The Town of Altona has received notice from the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative requesting a mandatory water reduction of 15% within our municipality.

Our water comes from the Letellier water treatment plant, which is currently operating at maximum capacity. There is adequate water in the river; however, the current infrastructure does not allow for any more water to be drawn, and the hot weather expected this week and next will continue to put strain on the system.

The Town of Altona is reducing municipal water usage by using non-potable water to complete annual sewer flushing work, and watering municipal landscaping on an as-needed basis only, using non-potable water where possible.

Local residents and businesses are asked to consider a voluntary reduction in all general water usage. Specifically, residents are asked to consider a reduction in water usage for residential landscaping or garden watering. Residents at odd-numbered civic addresses are asked to only water on odd-numbered days, and residents at even-numbered addresses asked to water on even-numbered days. In addition, residents and businesses are asked to reduce the water they use for vehicle washing at this time.

For more information about ways to reduce water usage, visit https://pvwc.ca/water-conservation/