Town of Altona Welcomes Sarah Radmore as Community Development Officer

A smiling woman is leaning against a flag pole in front of a building, which reads "Altona Civic Centre"
Photo courtesy of Lori Penner.

Altona resident Sarah Radmore started in the position of Community Development Officer on April 9, 2019. Ms. Radmore was chosen by a selection committee of staff and Council.

“This is my dream job,”  said Sarah. “I’m grateful that I have been selected to join the Town of Altona team, and am looking forward to getting started on community projects and initiatives.”

Sarah Radmore was born and raised in southwestern Ontario, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor. In 2015, Sarah moved to Winnipeg in order to work in the Student Residences department at the University of Manitoba, where she focused on building community, mentoring leaders, and communicating with the student population via social media. Since relocating to Altona in May of 2018, Sarah has been seeking involvement in the community, and will now bring her experience and knowledge of community building and social media marketing to her new role. Among other responsibilities, the Community Development Officer will be developing a communication plan to promote Altona and enhance the Town’s online presence.

“Town Council is enthused about the arrival of Sarah to join and complete our management team,” said Mayor Al Friesen. “The search process allowed us to review and more clearly define the role of Community Development Officer, and we are confident that Sarah’s skills are a good fit with our community and council expectations.”