Temporary Closure of 4th St SW

A manhole on 4th St SW is being replaced, which requires the closure of a section of road for up to five days next week. The north end of 4th St SW in Altona, from Centre Avenue to the north side of Westwood Crescent, will be closed for the week of Monday, August 31st – Friday, September 4th.

This construction is part of the Manitoba Water Services Board cost-sharing project that the Town of Altona is undertaking this year. This project will also see the replacement of two sixty year old concrete lift stations, one in the southwest corner and one in the southeast corner. Lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation, and are crucial in the operation of a sewer system. The two lift stations will be replaced by brand-new fibreglass lift stations, which are larger and allow for more efficient pumping.

Residents may recall the sewer main break that occurred last October along this stretch of road, cancelling classes at École Elmwood School and closing the road for repairs. The issue was temporarily repaired last fall, with the intention of replacing the manhole this year to ensure a long-lasting solution.

Heavy equipment has moved into other areas of the southwest corner in preparation for construction, and residents are asked to be aware that traffic may at times be diverted to maintain public safety and a safe work environment for the contractors.