Altona Senior Citizens’ Club

For the older person in the community with a little time on their hands, the Altona Senior Citizens’ Club offers a wide agenda of activities. Active seniors meet here regularly for fellowship, musical performances, game nights, bus tours, special meals or just a good old-fashioned game of checkers or pool. The Club is complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities and is also available for group rentals.

Another avenue for older residents of Altona is the Mennonite Central Committee Self-Help Centre (MCC). Staffed and operated by volunteer seniors, it is a successful and important community organization, providing affordable clothing and other items for local families, as well as serving as a charitable outlet for the town and surrounding areas.

Great effort is taken to ensure personal independence, convenience and quality of life for Altona’s seniors. Several apartment complexes are specifically geared for the 50+ crowd, with many attractive safety features. Along with sidewalks accessible by wheelchairs and scooters, special retail discounts, home care, transportation and personal support services, Altona is an ideal place to spend your Golden Years.