homeConsidering a move to Southern Manitoba? Altona welcomes you!

Altona is home to a diverse community that is growing every day, in part due to the efforts of our immigration committee.

Looking for Employment?

Beyond the desire for beautiful surroundings and room to grow is the basic need to support yourself and your family. If you’re looking for a job, you’ve certainly come to the right place! With an unemployment rate of only 2.3 per cent – one of the lowest in the province – Altona offers a host of job opportunities for nearly every skill or interest.

From business services, agriculture, manufacturing and construction, to retail, health care and education, Altona’s job base is diverse and exciting. With ever-expanding business, industrial and retail sectors, a great job is always just around the corner.

Local job banks such as the Altona Chamber of Commence and the Manitoba Local Job Shop provide a quick way to browse available opportunities, post your resume and connect with prospective employers.

If you want to continue your education or train for a trade or career before you begin your job search, the Rhineland Regional Alternative Education Centre is there to help. Qualified instructors provide programs for adult learners. Red River College and the University of Manitoba also provide post-secondary distance education courses.

Dare to dream. Career opportunities are here for the taking in Altona!

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