Social Services

CARE (Community Assistance Resources for Elderly) provides group meals, home and yard maintenance, and transportation to appointments for seniors living in the community. Home care services, which offer prepared meals and personal care, allows older town residents to continue to enjoy their independence.

Altona’s recreational programs offer a huge variety of activities for any age, interest or season. Everything from organized sports, to instruction in technology, dance, martial arts, painting, gymnastics, babysitting and aerobics is available.

Newcomers, newlyweds, and newborns in Altona all receive wonderful complimentary gifts from area businesses through the “Welcome to Altona!” Program, sponsored by the Altona and District Chamber of Commerce.

South Central Settlement and Employment Services is a regional organization providing settlement services to immigrants and employment-related services to unemployed or underemployed individuals eligible to work in Canada.

The Altona and Area Family Resource Centre believe that the well being of every family can be enhanced if parents are given support, encouragement and education. For this reason, they are committed to assisting and supporting families regardless of structure or financial resources.  They invite all parents and children to come and enjoy the programs they offer.  They provide healthy, nutritious snacks and loads of activities that encourage learning and personal growth.  Come meet new people and form new relationships in an environment that is comfortable and friendly. Follow the Altona and Area Family Resource Group on Facebook! 

The Regional Health Authority provides the facility that houses Healthy Child, Baby First and Midwives Manitoba.

Blue Sky Opportunities, the Altona & District Branch of the Canadian Association for the Mentally Handicapped supports numerous housing facilities for clients and the Occupational Training Centre. The Centre offers a workshop where the mentally challenged can learn and develop new skills. The Centre is also involved in Altona’s very successful recycling program.