Emergency Management

Altona and the Municipality of Rhineland each have an emergency management team to respond to the needs of their respective communities during any major crisis. These committees have agreed to support each other with available resources and respite during extended emergency operations.

Priorities in a community emergency are as follows:

  • Prevent or limit the loss of life
  • Protect the safety, health and welfare of the residents
  • Maintain or restore essential services
  • Limit damage to property and the environment

Altona has a weather radio service for public use within a 50 km radius. This weather radio station broadcasts weather information on a 24 hr basis at 162.425 frequency.

The weather radio system enables residents to learn about severe weather for the surrounding area as soon as a weather advisory, watch or warning is issued by Environment Canada.

Know the Risks, Make a Plan & Prepare a Kit

Emergency preparedness information is available at the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization website.

There is also an excellent Emergency Preparedness Guide available at the municipal offices at Gretna, R.M. of Rhineland and Altona. This guide is produced by Public Safety Canada, and can also be seen online.

The ability to cope with emergency events as a community and as individual homeowners involves preparation and planning. Altona’s emergency management team provides residents with all the information and resources they need for a sense of safety and security for themselves and their loved ones.

More Information

Manitoba EMO Website


Town Altona ER Cover (PDF)