Altona and Rhineland Emergency Services

See the Fire Department’s website for more information. 


The members of the Altona/Rhineland Emergency Services are proud to serve our community. The delivery of emergency services is a community wide effort and cannot be done without the support of a number of groups and individuals…

  • The employers who allow our fire fighters to leave their jobs without a moments notice.
  • The schoolteachers who allow us into their classrooms for public education sessions.
  • The local media who assists us in promoting our cause through the paper and on the air.
  • The Councils of the Town of Altona and the RM of Rhineland who support us in providing equipment and the funding to educate our fire fighters.
  • Lastly, and just as importantly, our families who put up with night calls, interruptions to family functions, etc. and who provide moral and emotional support to those whose lives are ruled by a fire pager. Thank you!

We would also like to express our appreciation to the community at large for their efforts in supporting the fire department by creating a fire safe environment in their homes and in their places of work.