Storm Clean-Up 2019

A severe winter storm affected Manitoba on Thanksgiving Weekend of 2019 (October 11-14th). The Town of Altona continues to clean up damage from this weather event. Many trees and hydro lines were damaged, due to the heavy, wet snow and high winds.

The Town of Altona Public Works team worked very hard throughout the storm to ensure that roads were cleared as efficiently as possible, safety hazards were addressed, and back-up power was available to our lift stations to keep the water flowing, even without power. Thank you to Manitoba Hydro, who worked tirelessly to restore power across the province, including in Altona. Thank you as well to the Altona and Rhineland Emergency Services team, who received and responded to many calls during the storm.

The storm may be over, but the work is far from done. Alongside their normal workload, the Town of Altona Public Works team is hard at work removing any hazards from publicly-owned trees, and cleaning up downed branches from those trees.

The Public Works team has also offered to assist residents that do not have any way of hauling branches to the landfill by hauling the branches that have fallen from privately-owned trees. They ask that these branches be neatly stacked on the boulevard, parallel to the curb as soon as possible. Branches should be parallel to the curb to allow them to be picked up by a front-end loader. They will not take branches that are on private property – branches must be brought to the boulevard. It will take quite some time to clean up branches across town, and your patience is appreciated.

If you have the capability to haul and dispose of branches yourself, please take branches to the landfill during regular hours, or to the compost site located at the landfill outside of regular hours. Please ensure that branches are properly secured in your truck or trailer.

Landfill Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 8 am – 4 pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed
Publicly-owned trees vs. Privately-owned trees
Publicly-owned trees are those trees which are located in public parks or on boulevards. If you have a tree in your yard, it is considered to be a privately-owned tree. If there is damage to a publicly-owned tree, Public Works will be cutting and removing branches as needed. If there is damage to a privately-owned tree, you as the property-owner are responsible for cleaning it up.
How can I help the clean-up efforts?
If you have a truck or trailer and the ability to haul branches to the landfill site, please do so instead of leaving branches for Public Works to pick-up. Please make sure to properly secure the load as you haul it.

You may also want to consider offering a helping hand to your neighbours who cannot haul branches themselves – headed to the landfill site with half a load of branches? Consider hauling your neighbour’s branches too! There is no cost to drop off branches at the landfill.

If you do need Public Works to haul your fallen branches for you, please stack them in a neat pile, parallel to the curb so that they can be picked up with the front-end loader. It will take time for the Public Works team to work their way through town, and your patience is appreciated.

I'd like to volunteer to help out in the event of another storm.
Emergency Management Altona is seeking volunteers! It was not necessary to declare a state of emergency in Altona during this most recent weather event; however, it served as a good reminder that we need to look out for our neighbours and help when we can. If an emergency happens in the Town of Altona, volunteers will be needed to help with the response to and the recovery from the emergency. They are needed to work in the emergency operations centre and in helping with evacuations and caring for evacuees. Volunteers are most useful if they have been trained and practiced beforehand. If you are interested in helping your neighbours during emergencies, please let us know at 204-324-6468.