Public Water System

Public Water System

The Town of Altona operates a public water system which includes treatment facilities, water storage reservoirs and distribution lines subject to the terms and conditions within its operating license (see download below) from the Office of Drinking Water of Manitoba Sustainable Development. An annual compliance audit is issued by the Office of Drinking Water to show that the Town of Altona has fulfilled its obligations in complying with the terms and conditions of its license.  The annual compliance audits for the past three years are provided below.

As per its license, the Town of Altona must submit an annual report to the Office of Drinking Water by March 31st of each year on the operation of the water system in the immediately preceding calendar year.  The annual public water system reports for the past three years are available for download below.  Free paper copies of these reports and previous years are also available at the Town of Altona Civic Centre upon request.


2017 PWS Annual Report Altona (PDF)

2017 Annual Compliance Audit Report (PDF)

2013 Operating License

2015 Annual Compliance Audit Report

2016 Annual Compliance Audit Report

2014 PWS Annual Report Altona

2015 PWS Annual Report Altona

2016 PWS Annual Report Altona

2016 Altona Water System Re-assessment Report





2016 PWS Annual Report Altona (PDF)
Town of Altona Public Water System (PDF)
2014 Annual Water Report (PDF)
2014 Annual Water Audit Report (PDF)
2013 PWS Annual Report Altona (DOCX)
2012 Water Study (DOCX)
2009 Assessment Of Water System Report (PDF)
Town Of Altona 2009 Annual Water Report (PDF)


More Information

The Audit Report is based on information submitted to the Manitoba Water Stewardship office.

2010 Audit Report on Altona’s Public Water System (PDF)