Diverting compost from the landfill will prolong the life of the current landfill, reduce methane production, and allow organic material to be used again as nutrient rich fertilizer for fields and gardens.

The Town of Altona compost depot is located at the Altona/Rhineland Solid Waste Site, and can be accessed year round. Residents may drop off yard waste at anytime. Branches should be dropped off at the landfill during normal operating hours at no charge, but can also be dropped off at the compost site outside of the landfill’s normal operating hours.

Curbside Compost Collection Service

Starting in 2019, Curbside Compost Collection Service will be offered year-round! Service will begin on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, and continue on a weekly basis until early November, when it will change to monthly pick-up throughout the winter months. The collection schedule will be added to the garbage/recycling rotation.

For pick-up at the curb, all compostable materials should be placed in green bins, containers with molded handles (up to a maximum weight of 50 lbs/container) or compostable bags, such as paper yard waste bags, (up to a maximum weight of 35 lbs/bag). If compost is not set out in this manner, it will be left at the curb. There is no limit to the amount of compost that can be put out for collection per household.

Multi-Family Residential Buildings and Non-Residential Properties

The Town of Altona is currently evaluating alternative arrangements to provide curbside compost collection services to multi-family residential and non-residential properties. More information will be provided soon.

Recycling Every Week Flyer (PDF)

Green Bins

The Town of Altona will be providing a green outdoor bin to each household, along with a small kitchen pail for collecting food scraps. This is possible thanks to sponsorship agreements with Border Redi Mix Inc / Derksen Trucking Ltd in support of the green outdoor bins, and with Access Credit Union in support of the kitchen pails.

The date for distribution of these bins is yet to be determined.

Reducing Odour

In order to reduce odour and staining of the bins and pails, residents are encouraged to:

  • Line the bottom of bins and pails with old newspaper, cardboard or a brown paper bag. The paper will reduce moisture which in turn will reduce odours and staining.
  • Purchase compostable liners to keep the bins clean.
  • Sprinkle small amounts of baking soda over food waste to decrease odours.
  • Freeze meat scraps in a paper bag until collection day.
  • Wash your bins and pails regularly with mild soap or a vinegar-water solution and let air dry before using again.
  • Keep the container lids closed to avoid odours.
  • Empty your kitchen composter on collection day, even if it is not completely full.

Compostable Materials