Building Permits

Town of Altona Building Permit Requirements

Building Permits

*** Effective January 1, 2018, all building permit applications will be processed by the RPGA Planning District and not directly by the Town of Altona. Please contact the RPGA General Manager at (204) 324-5357 for any building permit inquiries. ***


The building permit process is designed to ensure that when any renovations, additions or construction of a building is undertaken; that

  • all requirements of the Town of Altona Zoning By-law are met; and
  • the minimum requirements as per the Manitoba Building Code, Plumbing Code and or Fire Codes are met.

These codes were established to ensure that the safety of the occupant and the building will not be compromised


A permit is required for:

  • the demolition of a building;
  • a renovation that:
    • affects any structural component of the building;
    • is designed to change the occupancy of the building;
  • an addition to the building;
  • the construction of a building greater than 120 square feet;
  • the construction of any new or change to an existing plumbing system;
  • the enclosure of an existing deck or porch; or
  • basement development.

PLEASE NOTE:  This list is not all inclusive.  Contact the RPGA Manager at 204-324-5357 for clarification prior to starting any project.  A permit may not be required.

The information required for issuing a building permit will vary depending on the project. The following items may be required when applying for a building permit:

  • Name and address of the owner
  • Legal address of the permit location
  • Name and address of the constructor
  • Property pins or a building location certificate
  • A site plan complete with dimensions from property lines
  • A complete foundation plan
  • Wall cross-section
  • Floor plan with all dimensions
  • Bedroom window dimensions
  • Engineer and/or architect designed and stamped plans (note: all trusses and wood basement foundation plans must be engineer designed and stamped)

All Part 9 building permit applications must be completed and reviewed by the RPGA Manager before approval to proceed.

Please remit all permit applications by e-mail at or in person at 109 3rd Avenue NE.

For more information contact Susan Stein, RPGA Manager at 204-324-5357.


For all Part 3 building permit applications, contact MSTW at (204) 822-6223 or check their website for information on requirements.


Building Permit Application Form  Blank RPGA Building Permit Application 2018 (edited)

Conditional Use Application Form Blank RPGA Conditional Use Application 2018

Re-Zoning Application Form Blank RPGA Re-Zoning Application 2018

Variation Use Application Form Blank RPGA Variation Application 2018