Protecting Staff, the Community, and Our Municipal Services

Altona, MB. December 21, 2021:

The Town of Altona is taking additional measures to protect its staff, community, and the continuity of municipal services.

At a special meeting of Council on December 21, 2021, the Town of Altona Council voted unanimously in favour of a policy requiring all staff members to engage in a rapid testing regimen, or provide proof of vaccination. This policy will come into effect on January 4, 2022 and will apply to all Town of Altona staff.

This decision comes after a month of consulting with and receiving feedback from staff on the proposed policy. In addition to this added layer of protection, staff will continue their enhanced safety protocols related to COVID-19, including but not limited to mask use, physical distancing, and staying home when sick.

The Town of Altona Council, all of whom are fully vaccinated, continues to encourage its staff and community to become vaccinated, and speak to their trusted medical professional with any concerns they may have.