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Senior Manager, Chief of Police:
  • Perry Batchelor
The Chief of Police is the Police Service's Chief Executive Officer and is designated as having the responsibility for the management, direction and control of the operations and administration of the Police Service. The Chief is responsible for directing the Service in respect to discipline and the maintenance of Law and Order in the Town of Altona. The Chief reports to the Altona Police Board respecting the operations, administration and fiscal management of the Police Service. Sergeant:
  • Sgt. Dan Defer
  • Cpl. Shawn Tarnick
  • Mark Legal
  • Brendan Funk
  • Dustin Giesbrecht
  • Dylan Saindon
  • Caitlyn Ginter
Some of the Constables' duties include:
  • Security Checks
  • Foot Patrols
  • General Patrol
  • Investigation of Criminal offences
  • Issuing Common Offence Notices
  • Court Duties
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police
Special Constable:
  • Sanja Kiansky
Some of the Special Constable's Duties include:
  • Typing of reports
  • Answering daytime calls
  • Filling
  • In charge of the Fine Option Program
  • Investigation of some complaints
  • Swearing Affidavits
  • Finger print and photograph when required
  • Many other important duties as directed by the Chief of Police
The Altona Police Service also employs an Animal Control Officer