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Police Board

Altona Police Board The Altona Police Service Board is a five member board that governs the Altona Police Service. Under the Police Services Act, the purpose of the Board is to provide:
  • Civilian governance respecting the enforcement of the law, the maintenance of the public peace and the prevention of crime in the municipality; and
  • The administrative direction and organization required to provide an adequate and effective police service in the municipality; including Towns of Altona and Plum Coulee.
The Altona Police Services Board has five members:
  • One provincial appointee
  • One Council appointee
  • Three members of the community as appointed by Council
The Altona Police Board is comprised of:
  • Chair - Adam Mace
  • Board Members - Harv Schroeder, Archie Heinrichs, Carolyn Penner, Audrey Schmidt and Jeff Peters
As civilian community members who represent the public’s interests, the Altona Police Service Board is committed to a high quality of community-based policing and excellence in police governance. The Board recognizes the challenges to law enforcement created by a changing environment, demographic shifts, emerging technologies, evolving crime trends and patterns. Duties of the Board The responsibilities of the Police Services Board are outlined in Manitoba Police Service Act: General Duties 28 (1) the police board must: (a) After consulting with the police chief, establish priorities and objectives for the police service (b) Establish policies for the effective management of the police service (c) Direct the police chief and monitor his or her performance; and (d) Perform any other prescribed duties Specific duties of police board 28 (2) without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the police board must (a) Ensure that the police chief establishes programs and strategies to implement the priorities and objectives established by the board for the police service; (b) Ensure that community needs and values are reflected in the policing priorities, objectives, programs and strategies; (c) Ensure that police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community needs, values and expectations; and (d) Act as a liaison between the community and police service Restriction on police board activities 28 (3) the police board may give orders and directions to the police chief, but not to other police officers. No individual member of the board may give an order or direction to any police officer No role on specific matters 28 (4) the police board must not give orders or direction on specific operational decisions, individual investigations or the day-to-day operation of the police service. No role in personnel matters 28 (5) With the exception of the police chief , the police board has no role with respect to discipline or personal conduct of any police officer. No right to sensitive information 28 (6) the police board is not entitled to any information about individual investigations or intelligence files. 29 (1) to assist the council in developing the Town of Altona budget, the police board must provide the council with (a) An estimate of the costs required to operate the police service in the next fiscal year; and (b) Any additional information that the council considers necessary to enable it to assess the financial requirements of the police service Council has final responsibility for budget 29 (2) the council is responsible for establishing the total budget of the police service. With the support of the citizens of the Towns of Altona and Plum Coulee the Police Services Board is confident of meeting future policing challenges in the years ahead.   How often will meetings be held?

The Altona Police Board must hold a public meeting 4 times per year. These meetings are open to the public and people wishing to speak must register when they arrive. Comments need to be kept to three minutes and the total time allowed for public comment is forty-five minutes. The 2022 meetings will be held on the following dates:

  • Thursday, January 6th at noon (Council Chambers)
  • Thursday, April 7th at noon (Council Chambers)
  • Thursday, August 4th at noon (Council Chambers)
  • Thursday, December 1st at noon (Council Chambers)
If you wish to participate in the Zoom meetings, please send an e-mail to police.services@altona.ca.
For more information on the Altona Police Board please contact Dan Gagne at dan.gagne@altona.ca.


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