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Telephone Fraud

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Telemarketing Fraud...
Telemarketing fraud can happen to anybody. Your family, friends and neighbors could become victims of telemarketing fraud. It is not an isolated or individual crime. It affects all of us. Millions of dollars are taken from Manitobans every year in relation to telemarketing fraud. Victims of telemarketing fraud are often embarrassed and ashamed. That is exactly what the criminals want. When people are embarrassed or ashamed, they are reluctant to tell anyone about the crime, giving the criminals additional time to victimize even more people. Being embarrassed shouldn’t stop you from reporting this crime to police. The sooner a Telemarketing fraud is reported to police, the sooner the criminals can be stopped.  IT TAKES A GREAT DEAL OF COURAGE TO REPORT THIS TYPE OF CRIME. Heads up!  Do NOT…
  • …believe everyone who calls with an exciting promotion or investment opportunity.
  • …disclose personal information about your bank accounts, credit cards or address over the telephone. Don’t be afraid to hang up.
  • …be afraid to ask for documentation to verify a product or investment. But remember, even the unscrupulous have professionally prepared literature, catalogues and invoices.
  • …be pressured into making a decision. Any legitimate gift or prize will still be available tomorrow.
  • …take the time to call a friend, relative, banker or a police agency before making a decision to send money
  • …call the police to report any suspicious phone calls or mailings.
  • …take the opportunity to ask the caller questions about their offer or promotion. No legitimate company will refuse your inquiries.
  • …ask for literature so you can read about the company before making a commitment.
  • …ask the company for references from other customers who live in your area.
  Be on Guard for callers with the following offers:
  1. Car pitch: “You have won a car, but money is required up front for taxes, shipping, insurance, etc.”
  2. Cash pitch: “You have won cash, but must pay taxes, brokerage fees, etc, before the money can be released.”
  3. Free gift pitch: “You have won a prize, but in order to claim it, you must purchase another product” (usually poor quality and overpriced).
Warning: If you have really won a prize, it doesn’t cost you a dime, nor do you have to purchase a product to claim a prize. Victim Assistance If you are a victim of fraud or any other crime, contact the Altona Police Service at 204-324-5353.