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Alcohol Plays Major Role in Busy Canada Day Weekend for Altona Police

On the 30th of June shortly after 4:30 pm police were called to an apartment block in the north east corner of town. Police were advised that a male driver backed into a fence then drove into a partially closed garage door causing major damage to the door. Police located the man still seated in his car inside the garage. The man who was highly intoxicated was arrested for Impaired Driving, police also located several full and empty beer cans in the vehicle. The man was transported to the Police Station where he refused to provide a breath sample which resulted in a further charge of Failing to Provide a Sample of his Breath. The 67 year old Altona man has been released from custody with a future court date, he faces charges of Impaired Driving, Failing to Produce a Sample and Open Liquor. Further on the 30th of June shortly after 9:30 in the evening, police responded to a suicidal and intoxicated female in an apartment block in the south east corner of the community. Upon arrival police located the suicidal female. Police observed her to be handling a large kitchen knife which she had pressed into her abdomen. Police attempted for several minutes to negotiate with the woman who eventually told police that she was going to end her life and pressed the knife into her wrist. At this point police deployed their Taser which caused her to drop the knife. Police utilized an ambulance to treat her for the Taser injury and transport her to the hospital where she was admitted for observation and an assessment under the Mental Health Act. On the 1st of July in the early evening hours, police were called as someone witnessed a person throw a flower pot at one of the Police Service vehicles while parked at the Police Station. Police obtained descriptors and located a person matching those descriptors in the Altona Mall Parking Lot. When police arrived the youth began to run, a short foot pursuit ensued and police took the 16 year old female into custody. The highly intoxicated Youth was lodged into cells for the night. Police received a further complaint with respect to a rear window of a car being broken by a rock being thrown through it. When questioned the Youth admitted to throwing the rock. Police have charged the Emerson Youth with two counts of Mischief, she has been released into the custody of her mother.
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