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wConstable Mike Stewart was faced with a Co-op store safe-cracking on his first day as Altona’s Policeman in February, 1954.  Safe-crackers had peeled off the outside door of the safe but failed to get inside, where thousands of dollars in cash and cheques were kept.  They took $19 in change and small bills from three tills in the store and scattered $25 in change on the floor around the safe.

Bernhardt Busch
(1958 to 1962)
Joe Villeneuve
(1963 to 1977)

Bob Mart
In August, 1977, the Altona Police Department upgraded its communications system by installing a mobile phone in its cruiser car.  Constable Bob Mart demonstrates the phone.  He was later appointed chief of police when Chief Joe Villeneuve resigned.

Eric Fuellbrandt
(picture taken in 1989)
Glen Robinson
Perry Batchelor
Perry Batchelor