Police Chief Perry Batchelor Announces Retirement

Altona, MB. February 25, 2022:

After twenty five years of dedication and leadership with the Altona Police Service, Police Chief Perry Batchelor has announced that he will be retiring this year.

Chief Batchelor first joined the Altona Police Service in 1997 after serving for 17 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. In 2000, he was promoted from Constable to Sergeant, and oversaw police patrol operations for a decade in that role before being promoted to Chief of Police in 2010.

In 2012, Chief Batchelor was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which honours significant contributions and achievements by Canadians, and in 2017 he was awarded the 20 Year Police Exemplary Service medal. He also received numerous certificates from various law enforcement training academies, continuing to expand his knowledge and the resources available to our police service.

“Chief Batchelor always wore his uniform with pride, and respected the importance of his role as a leader in our community,” said Mayor Al Friesen. “That responsibility was also evident when I sat next to him as P/A and Statistician volunteers when our boys played ball, or for my wife who reffed numerous hockey games with Perry. Chief Batchelor was well aware that his influence and effectiveness extended beyond sitting behind a desk, or riding in the patrol car.  Those of us who attended last year’s rededication ceremony for Altona’s Veteran’s Memorial Cenotaph also witnessed a firsthand example of someone who proudly served his country and brought that same dedication to his hometown.  On behalf of Altona’s residents, thank you Perry.”

Mayor Al Friesen

Throughout his career with the Altona Police Service, Chief Batchelor has shown his strong leadership and dedication to the community in a variety of ways.

Chief Batchelor has always demonstrated a passion for youth engagement and well-being in the community, and personally spearheaded two fundraising campaign for the Station (Youth for Christ) to purchase a desperately needed new vehicle, and tools for their Maker Space program. He has been involved with many different local organizations and groups, with community connection and safety at the forefront of each.

He also spearheaded the campaign to have an AED purchased and installed in the MEC as the first Town of Altona facility to have this device available in the event of an emergency. His dedication to ensuring that our community would have access to a device like this ultimately saved his life in 2009, when the AED was used for the first time.

Chief Batchelor worked alongside other community leaders to relocate the Veteran’s Memorial Cenotaph to its new, highly visible and accessible location when the need arose due to downtown drainage infrastructure infringing on the original site. The Cenotaph was rededicated in fall of 2021 at a ceremony planned and organized by Chief Batchelor.

The Altona Police Board would like to congratulate Perry on his upcoming retirement, and thank him for his 25 years of service and dedication to the Altona Police Service, and to the citizens of Altona and Plum Coulee. Both of our communities have been made safer under his watch.
“Chief Batchelor has inspired youth and adults alike by his service to our country, his service on the police force and to his community in both fundraising and committee leadership. We wish him well in the next chapter of his life”.

Chairperson Audrey Schmidt on behalf of the Altona Police Board.

Under Chief Batchelor’s leadership, the Altona Police Service has continued to grow. He celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Altona Police Service, oversaw the expansion of the APS office, and entered into a number of agreements to ensure that the APS continued to keep pace with a growing community. One such agreement was the one with the City of Brandon to provide the Altona Police Service with 24/7 dispatch. Another agreement was with the RCMP, which led to the Altona Police Service being one of the first Manitoba Police Services to gain access to the RCMP Records Management system. This partnership greatly enhanced information and file sharing between various police agencies.

In 2014, Chief Batchelor, alongside the Chiefs of Police from Morden and Winkler Police Services, as well as Constable Jon Goertzen of the Morden Police Service recognized the need for shared resources between the three southern Manitoba Police Services and created the RSTT (Regional Support Tactical Team), the first ever shared unit between the three police services. In 2019, the three services would also go on to form the Regional Crisis Negotiations Unit, headed by Sergeant Jason Penner of the Winkler Police Service.

More recently, Chief Batchelor conducted research on a number of different body worn cameras available to law enforcement, and ultimately entered into an agreement with Visual Labs Inc to become the very first police service in the Province of Manitoba to equip officers with body worn cameras.

Though Chief Perry Batchelor will be missed, his years of strong leadership have ensured that he leaves behind a professional and dedicated Police Service to continue to serve the communities of Altona and Plum Coulee long after his retirement.

“Moving to the community of Altona in May of 1997 was one of the best decisions Kim and I ever made for our family. We truly appreciate the opportunity afforded us by Chief Glen Robinson, Mayor, and Council of the time,” said Chief Perry Batchelor. “We quickly became community members and our children, Megan and Mac, became involved in a number of school, sport, and cultural activities. I want to thank the various Altona Town Councils, all Staff and Police Board Members that I’ve worked with over the years.

“Due to our strong relationships, we were able to accomplish many good things, for not only the Police Service but also for the Communities we serve. I want to thank our team of highly professional, well-trained, dedicated Police Officers and Support Staff for their hard work; and our spouses for their understanding. Policing is a lifestyle that comes with many challenges, and at times family and personal sacrifices. These past two years have been an extremely difficult time to work in law enforcement and your police service always rose to the challenges presented to them.

Finally I want to thank the community for the opportunity to serve you all. I look forward to remaining in the community, spending time with family, on the golf course and likely watching a ball game or two. Take care and stay well.

Police Chief Perry Batchelor