Mandatory Water Reduction

Altona, MB. June 3, 2021:

The Town of Altona receives daily updates from the Pembina Valley Water Coop regarding water storage and supply levels. In today’s call, it became apparent that demand is outstripping supply at an unsustainable rate, even with the introduction of voluntary water reduction. Due to this continually increasing demand, mandatory water reduction restrictions are now in effect in Altona.

The Town of Altona is reducing municipal water usage by using non-potable water to complete annual sewer flushing work, and watering municipal gardens and plantings on an as-needed basis only, using non-potable water wherever possible. The irrigation system at the Gallery in the Park is not in use at this time, and the Town of Altona bulk water station is closed.

Local residents and businesses are asked to help reduce the strain on the water plant by implementing the following mandatory measures:

  • No watering of lawns until further notice
  • Gardens and flowers may only be watered every other day at the maximum. Residents at even-numbered civic addresses may water on even-numbered days, and odd-numbered days for residents with odd-numbered civic addresses.
  • No vehicle washing except at commercial car wash facilities
  • No filling of swimming pools or hot tubs until further notice
  • No washing the exterior of structures or pavement with pressure washer or hose until further notice
  • Spraying crops only if necessary, using non-potable water sources wherever possible
  • Reducing overall consumption as much as possible, aiming for a 15% reduction.

These restrictions are in place until further notice.