Flag Redesign

Thank you to everyone who submitted flag designs! We had over 30 designs submitted, and the selection committee had a very challenging job! The winning flag design has been chosen, but due to COVID-19, the unveiling ceremony that was scheduled to take place in 2020 has been postponed until 2021. The designer of the winning flag has been contacted, and will be working with our team to get the flag ready to unveil next year!

Did you know that Altona has a civic flag?

Our current flag was designed more as a banner, and is 25 years old. It is time for an update. We want to proudly fly a new civic flag, but we need YOUR help!

We are calling upon you, as a member of our community, to design a symbol that we can all be proud of. It’s your turn to decide what symbolizes Altona!

From now until February 28th, 2020, we will be accepting submissions of flag designs. You do not need to be an artist or graphic designer to enter! If you are selected as the winner, you will work with Doralin Ginter of DG Inspired to turn your idea into a professional civic flag. Download the form below to get started!

If you are selected as the winner of this contest, you will have the opportunity to participate in the flag unveiling ceremony in downtown Altona on June 27, 2020, and be recorded and recognized as the inspiration for the official civic flag. You will also receive $100 in Chamber Bucks as a thank you for creating a new symbol to unite Altona.

Must be a Town of Altona resident to enter.

Not sure where to start?

The North American Vexillological Association studies flags, and their histories. They have put together some guidelines to designing great flags.

This TED Talk can help you learn about good flag design.

Here are some great resources: Vexillology Revisited, Fantastic Flags that Break the Rules, North American Vexillological Association Flag Design Resources