Altona is turning 125!

In 1895, the community of Altona was just beginning. The Old Altona Village had its first homestead in 1880, but the construction of a rail line north of the village in 1895 gave birth to the Town where it is today. We have grown and changed as a community over the past 125 years, but remain mindful of our roots.

2020: A Year of Celebration

Manitoba is celebrating an important milestone this year as well – 150 years! There will be a myriad of celebrations throughout the province this year. Visit www.mb150.com to learn more about all of the exciting programs!

Celebrating Altona

There are many ways that you can celebrate with Altona this year! Continue to check back here for more ideas.

Flag Redesign: Altona is hosting a contest to design a new civic flag! Visit this page to learn more.

Celebrations: Stay tuned for announcements about a major event on June 27, 2020, as well as other annual events!

Heritage: You can see an example of the prosperity that Altona enjoyed at the turn of the century by visiting the Gallery in the Park. The Schwartz Heritage House, which, built in 1902 by Johann Schwartz, has been restored to its original exterior elegance, and now is home to the Gallery in the Park. The Gallery showcases the immense talent of artists in rural Manitoba and beyond.