Penalty Notices

Requesting a review of a penalty notice

Under the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Act (MBEA) and the Town of Altona’s MBEA Enabling By-Law, you may request that the Screening Officer review your penalty notice by completing a Penalty Notice Screening Request Form (see Downloads section below). Requests should be sent in writing.

By mail:

Town of Altona

Attention: Screening Officer

P.O. Box 163o                  

Altona MB  R0G 0B0

By e-mail:

Please note that you must be the named person on the penalty notice in order to request a review by the Screening Officer. If you are not the named person on the penalty notice, you must submit a written authorization from the named person as part of your request for a review.

Depending on the circumstances, the Screening Officer may uphold, reduce or cancel the penalty.

The Screening Officer will review the information you provide and the evidence provided by the enforcement officer at the time the penalty notice was issued. Additional supporting documentation or information may be requested by the Screening Officer.

A request for a review by the Screening Officer will not be accepted after close of business (5 p.m.) on the 30th day after you have received, or are deemed to have received, the Final Notice.

Should you disagree with the decision of the Screening Officer, you may request that the matter be heard by a Provincially-appointed adjudicator. There is a $25 fee for requesting an adjudication which will be refunded should you be successful.  When you receive the decision of the Screening Officer, additional information on the adjudication process will be provided to you.


BL-1765.2018 Penalty Notice Screening Request Form (PDF)