Finance & Administration

1. Taxes

a) Tax Certificate

The fee chargeable for a tax certificate with respect to the land described in each entry in the tax collectors’ roll for which a tax certificate is furnished – $30.00

b) Penalties:

The penalties payable on outstanding accounts receivable per month commencing with the month following the month in which the account was rendered – 1.25%

c) Tax sale costs – Actual costs plus $50.00

d) Tax statement photocopies – No charge

e) Tax account print outs – No charge

f) Property information (miscellaneous – non-owner) – $20.00

2. Photocopying

The fees chargeable for photocopying shall be:

a) Information required to be provided under the Municipal Act Section 263(1) eg. by-laws, minutes etc.

i) Fewer than 10 pages – No charge

ii) 11 or more pages, per page – $1.00

b) General Information

i) Per page, single sided – $1.00

ii) Per page, double sided – $2.00

3. Returned Cheques

The fee chargeable for each returned cheque shall be $20.00

4. Business Licence Fees

Any person or company from outside the Town of Altona or the Municipality of Rhineland not conducting business solely to the Commercial, Retail or Industrial sectors within the Town of Altona must obtain a business licence.

Business License Fees: 

7 days or less: $100

7-365 days: $200

Read more about business licences

5. Lottery Licence Fees – $15.00

6. Other

a) Town pins – Administrative discretion for give-aways – No charge

b) Zoning by-law with map (includes tax) – $40.00

c) Development plan (includes tax) – $50.00