Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole

Altona Town Council has embarked on a new manner by which it conducts its business and decision making processes.  The recent adoption of new Organizational and Procedures By-laws has resulted in the community adopting a Committee of the Whole concept.  Committee of the Whole is a committee that consists of all Council members. Effective April 1, 2012 the regular meetings of the Works and Operations Committee, Finance and Administration Committee and Community and Social Development Committee will now be heard by the entire complement of council members, including the Mayor at one regular monthly meeting, referred to as the Committee of the Whole (COTW). All COTW meetings are open to the public.

The COTW format permits Council members to deal with complex issues in greater detail than would be possible in a regular Council meeting. Issues discussed at the COTW meeting will not be formally adopted at these meetings, but recommendations from these meetings can be presented to a subsequent meeting of Regular Council for adoption.  Some of the perceived advantages of adopting this format are:

All members of Council are involved in the discussions and recommendations on all civic issues.

  • It is a more inclusive environment; no one member of Council would feel marginalized.
  • It is expected to reduce the notion that Council simply “rubber stamps” decisions.
  • It reduces the number of committee meetings, thus reducing the amount of agendas and minutes and the effort involved in generating these.
  • With fewer meetings, Administration is able to focus on the other key responsibilities.


4.0 – The general duties of committees shall be as follows:

a) to report from time to time on all matters connected with the duties imposed on the committee and to recommend such action as may be deemed necessary.

b) To prepare and introduce to Council all such by-laws as may be necessary to give effect to the recommendations that are adopted by Council.

c) To consider and report respectively on any and all matters referred to them by Council.

4.1 – The following committee are hereby established as the Standing Committees of council:

a) Finance and Administration Committee

b) Works and Operations Committee

c) Community and Social Development Committee

d) Executive Committee

4.2 – The special duties of the Standing Committees, in addition to the aforesaid general duties, shall be as follows:

a)   Finance and Administration Committee

1)  To supervise all contracts, orders, reports, recommendations and proceedings involving the expenditure of municipal funds.

2) To supervise all accounts, expenditures and outlay and all sums payable under contract before any monies are paid; and no account, claim or demand not expressly authorized to be paid by a statute, by-law or resolution of Council, shall be paid by the CAO until the same has been authorized by the Finance and Administration Committee and approved by Council.

3) To annually review and recommend to Council the types, rates and conditions of payments to be made to or on behalf of members of the Council and Council committees, as compensation and for expenses incurred while attending to municipal business, and for any other purpose relating to municipal business that the Council considers appropriate.

4) To consider salary and wage negotiations.

5) To review personnel policy.

6) To review job descriptions.

7) To review and consider grievances of employees.

8) To consider all land planning requests.

9) To supervise and advise on economic development initiatives.

b) Works and Operations Committee

1) To consider and report on all matters relating to municipal land, buildings and equipment, including their acquisition, maintenance and disposal.

2) To consider and report on all matters relating to municipal roads and their opening, closing, altering, diverting and maintenance.

3) To recommend to Council at the beginning of each year such projects, works and matters under its control as it considers essential to be carried out during the year, together with their detailed cost.

4) To ensure the proper provision of water, sewage, drainage and waste disposal services.

5) To ensure the proper provision of policing and fire protection.

c) Community and Social Development Committee

1) To review all applications for recreation and culture grants from organizations.

2) To reviews the needs for recreation and open space within the municipality.

3) To consider and report on matters respecting libraries and other cultural services.

4) To ensure adequate provision of leisure program services and the proper scheduling of recreation facilities.

5) To consider all matters related to health and welfare services.

d) Executive Committee

1) To consider any Council business that does not logically fall within the jurisdiction of any one of the other standing committees.

4.3 – Each Standing Committee shall be composed of three members of Council, and up to two resident electors if so desired by Council.

4.4 – The head of Council is an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

Regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.

Committee Chairs

Works & Operations – Terry Wiebe

Finance & Administration – Tim Fast

Community & Social Development – Glen Robinson

Other Committee Assignments

Melvin Klassen

Altona Community Development Corporation
Shared Services
RPGA Planning District
Altona Police Board

Ann Kroeker

Counicl member appointed to Community & Social Development and Finance & Administration

Altona In Bloom
Gallery in the Park Committee

Tim Fast

Chair of Finance & Administration

Town of Altona Personnel Committee
Pembina Valley Water Co-op
Lower Red River Valley Water Commission

Terry Wiebe

Chair of Works & Operations Committee

Altona Community Development Corporation
Town of Altona Personnel Committee
Altona Police Board
Triple R Community Futures
Shared Services
Altona Airport Commission

Ted Klassen

Member of the Works & Operations Committee and Finance & Administration

South Central Regional Library
RPGA Planning District
Altona & District Health Care Centre Inc.
Inter-Municipal Shared Services Committee
Pembina Valley Development Corporation

Glen Robinson -Deputy Mayor

Chair of Community & Social Development

Manitoba Sunflower Festival Committee
Morden Veterinarian Board
Altona Curling Club Liason
Altona Immigration Committee