Safety Tips

What Would You Do in a Home Fire Emergency?

A person confronted by a home fire emergency goes through three phases:

  • Discovering the fire
  • Taking action
  • Reaching safety or being injured or killed.

The actions we take are based on how we assess the fire situation.

  • It may be controllable. Turning off the element and putting on a lid may control a pot of cooking oil erupting in flame on a hot stove.
  • In the case of a small-sized fire, a fire extinguisher may be used. It is important to know how to use the extinguisher and to have access to an exit to allow quick escape.
  • Identify two exits from every room or residence.
  • Crawl low in heavy smoke.
  • Get out quickly.
  • Call the fire department after exiting the home.
  • Working smoke alarms and fire drills in the home save lives.

Smoke Alarm Facts

Most fatal fires occur at night while people are asleep. You may not wake up if there is a fire in your home because poisonous gasses and smoke from the fire will numb the senses in a very short time.

Where should smoke alarms be installed?

Minimum requirements under the Manitoba Building Code states that there must be a smoke alarm located on every level of the home including the basement and in every bedroom in the house.

Smoke alarms should be mounted on the ceiling, a minimum of 6 inches from the wall. Follow the manufacturers recommendation.

What to do in case of a pan fire:

  • The correct procedure for putting out a grease fire is:
  1. Turn off the heat
  2. Cover the pot with a lid or wet a cloth with water under the tap and wring it out.
  3. Place the cloth over the burning pan
  4. Wait until the pan has cooled down

Watch Demonstration Video (1.4mb WMV)

  • Do not attempt to move the pan or pot while it is on fire.
  • Do not toss water on the fire. Because water is heavier than oil, it sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes superheated. This creates an explosive force of steam that blows the burning oil up and out into a fireball that will set the entire kitchen on fire.
  • Do not throw sugar or flour on a grease fire. Just one cup creates the explosive force of two sticks of dynamite.