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While the fire hall may be shut down, Altona Rhineland Emergency Services is not. We will continue to provide the same services during this pandemic as we always have. While we have always had protocols in place to protect the public and ourselves from exposure to infection while working with patients, extra precautions have now been put into place to further decrease the risks. Please also do your part and comply with the recommendations as per Manitoba Health. Remember, it is not just about protecting yourself but also limiting or removing exposure to the more vulnerable in our community. While our community appears to be largely untouched by documented cases, undocumented infections may already be present and odds are that our community will eventually be further affected. Stay safe and take care of yourself, and others!

Family Fire Escape Plan

While the children are at home for the holidays and the extended time off from school during the Covid-19 suspension of at-school learning, it creates an ideal opportunity for families to practice their Family Fire Escape Plan. During this time, families should practice at least 2 ways of escaping from their home, establish an outside meeting place, and have practice drills in the daytime and evening. Download the following PDF for more info. Family Fire Escape Plan

Fire Alarm Check

As the long weekend approaches, we would like to remind everyone to replace the battery in your smoke alarm and CO alarm, if you have one. You can also use the long weekend as an annual reminder. Please also check your the manufacturers date on your alarm to determine if it needs to be replaced. Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years, CO alarms every 5 years, and combination smoke and CO alarms every 10 years. Download the following PDF for more info. Fire Alarms

Sparky the Fire Dog Website

If the children are looking for some entertainment, we would suggest they visit http://www.sparky.org where they can learn about fire safety while playing games, doing activities and watching short videos featuring Sparky the Fire Dog.