All open-air fires shall be confined to a fire pit.

The outdoor portable fire pit or outdoor solid fuel receptacle shall be clear of any overhead combustible materials such as eaves, tree branches, utility wires, etc.

A non-combustible spark arrestor, grill or mesh should be used to cover the entire area of the outdoor fire pit. A minimum clearance of 7.6 meters (25 feet) measured from the nearest fire pit edge should be maintained from any combustible buildings, sheds or other combustible structures such as fences, trees or hydro poles. A minimum distance of 3 meters (10 feet) should be maintained from neighbouring property lines.

When in use, outdoor fire pits and outdoor solid fuel receptacles shall be continuously supervised by an adult. Outdoor fire pits and outdoor solid fuel receptacles shall not be utilized during wind conditions exceeding 25 kilometres per hour (15 miles per hour).

A means of extinguishment such as a portable fire extinguisher, pail of water, sand or garden hose should be readily available on site.

All fires must be limited in size so that they are readily controllable. If at any time the fire extends beyond the outdoor fire pit or outdoor receptacle, 911 should be called.

Greg Zimmerman

Fire Chief – 204 324 8500