EOC Update: Moving Forward

May 4, 2022 | 12:00 pm

With blue skies and drying puddles, the Town of Altona Emergency Operations Centre is closing today, May 4, as of 12:00 pm. Residents can still call in questions or concerns during regular business hours to the Town of Altona office at 204-324-6468, or email info@altona.ca

The Altona Public Works team continues to monitor water levels and drainage, but will now shift to cleaning up from the preventative measures and return to some of their regular spring duties. The Tiger Dam is being taken down and packed up to be re-deployed elsewhere in Manitoba, and residents are asked to keep away from the 9th St NW area as the clean-up is underway and will take some time.

Sump pumps all around town are still running regularly, and the ground continues to be extremely saturated. Residents who have not yet re-routed their sump pumps to drain onto their yard or to the street are asked to do so to prevent the wastewater system from becoming overwhelmed during the next rainfall.