Emergency Warning Systems Test

It’s Emergency Preparedness Week! The Town of Altona’s Emergency Warning Systems will be tested today at 1:00 pm, with tests of the CONNECT notification system as well as the Outdoor Warning Siren.

The warning siren will be activated for four minutes at 1:00 pm today as an annual test to ensure that the equipment is working properly. The siren will also continue to be tested daily at noon for a few seconds.

The siren may sound when Altona is threatened by any hazard to alert anyone outdoors of a potential emergency and let them know to seek shelter right away. When the siren sounds for longer than 30 seconds, seek shelter and tune in to CFAM 950 on your radio to find out what the threat is, and how to protect yourself.

Outdoor sirens are an effective method of outdoor notification, but shouldn’t be relied upon for early warning if you are indoors. Each home and business should have another method to receive warnings and notifications, such as notifications to your email, cell phone or landline through Altona Connect. http://www.altona.ca/connect