Emergency Operations Centre Update

April 24, 2022 | 10:30 am

The Town of Altona Local Emergency Response Group met this morning to assess the impact of this weather event.

As we shared yesterday, the sanitary sewer system is overwhelmed. To protect infrastructure and homes, we have made the decision to pump wastewater through the ditch systems. The Public Works team is monitoring this temporary measure closely, but you are advised to keep away from ditches for your own safety.

The streets are draining well, but there is a high volume of water. The Public Works team is building a dike and sandbagging to protect against overland flooding from the Buffalo Creek. We are also utilizing a variety of pumps, and the Altona Rhineland Emergency Services will be utilizing their pumper truck to move water as well.

How can you help?

  • Reduce strain on the wastewater system by cutting back on your water usage. Consider postponing that load of laundry or washing those dishes.
  • Ensure that sump pumps are moving water to the street or onto your yard, and not into a drain.
  • If you have a pump to move water away from your property, please pump it to the street wherever possible
  • Give our teams the space that they need to work

If your home or business is being severely impacted by these events, please contact the Emergency Operations Centre at 204-324-8190 or by emailing mec@altona.ca.

Stay up to date with important information by following local media, and by registering for Altona Connect notification system at www.altona.ca/connect