Emergency Operations Centre Open

Altona, MB. April 23, 2022:

Due to heavy rains and overland flooding, the Town of Altona has opened their Emergency Operations Centre virtually. If your home or business is being severely impacted by these events, please contact the Emergency Operations Centre at 204-324-8190 or by emailing mec@altona.ca.

Currently, the Town of Altona sanitary sewer system is overwhelmed. Residents are asked to cut back on water usage where possible, and reroute sump pumps to their yards or to the street as opposed to into a drain.

The Town of Altona drainage system is currently flowing effectively, but it is close to being overwhelmed. Public Works staff is monitoring closely. Residents are asked to exercise caution.

Residents can stay up to date with important information by following local media, and by registering for Altona Connect notification system at www.altona.ca/connect