Communicating About COVID: Times are Tough

We’ve been in code red lockdown for three weeks now, and dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for over eight months. It hasn’t been easy. We miss our friends, and our families, and the sense of normalcy. We miss chatting with old friends in the grocery store, gathering at community events or at church, and we miss being able to travel. We miss being able to play sports, and eat in restaurants, and visit our loved ones who are vulnerable.

There are a lot of things that we miss, and we are all tired, and sad, and frustrated. Some people are frustrated because they feel the safety measures in place are not strong enough, and some are frustrated because the feel that they are too strong. We all want our lives to go back to normal – to go back to gathering with friends and family, and doing the things we love to do. We can’t do that until this threat, this global crisis, is resolved, and that means that we need to listen to the medical experts and the scientists, and prevent COVID-19 from overwhelming our healthcare system. When we go back to gathering with loved ones, we want them all to be around the table with us. For those of us in the community who have already lost loved ones to COVID-19, there aren’t enough words to express the loss.

Throughout these past eight months, we’ve kept our messaging primarily focused on the positives – on finding the hope and finding the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are going to continue to do that. If you’ve got suggestions for things we should share or highlight, we would love if you sent it to us!

Here are some things that we haven’t missed out on this year:

We’ve connected as a community in all sorts of new ways, like chalk your walk, and paintings in windows, and zoom calls, and physically distanced visits, and virtual events and forums, and videos and photos and so many more.

We’ve spent more time enjoying the outdoors, going for a walk or bike ride. Lots of folks have tried their hand at gardening, or home improvement projects this year that they felt they didn’t have time to do before, and people have picked up new hobbies and skills as well.

Throughout this all, our businesses have pivoted to new and innovative ways to connect with us. They’ve offered curbside pick-up and delivery, and online or virtual shopping. They’ve run fun new promotions as ways to add a bit more light to our lives, and have supported one another.

As a community, we’ve ordered our food to go, we’ve sent gift cards or gifts to friends and strangers alike, we’ve called our local businesses to find out how we can still access our favourite products and services, and we’ve shopped local. Remember, the majority of our local businesses are still open right now, even if you can’t go in the door. Visit our website for an ever-growing list of the ways that you can access products and services from home.

Thank you for continuing to find the light with us. Times are tough right now, but so are we, and we will get through this together. Let’s continue to practice kindness, and all of the fundamentals to protect one another.

Communications & HR Officer Sarah Radmore