Boil Water Advisory: 2nd St NE

UPDATED January 12, 2022: The boil water advisory has ended, regular consumption of water may now resume.

January 9, 2022

Due to a water main break on January 8, 2022, the Town of Altona Public Works were forced to shut off water to homes along 2nd Street NE between 7th Avenue NE and 11th Avenue NE; including a portion of the 11th Ave NE.

Distribution depressurization can compromise the safety of the water supply; therefore, a precautionary boil water advisory has been issued starting Sunday, January 9, 2022 to ensure public health protection.


Until further notice, all water used for consumption should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is used for:

  • Drinking and ice making
  • Beverage preparation, such as infant formula
  • Preparing food; including washing fruits and vegetables
  • Brushing teeth

It is not necessary to boil tap water used for other household purposes, such as laundry or washing dishes.  Adults and older children that are able to avoid swallowing the water can wash, bathe, or shower.  Young children should be sponge bathed.  If boiling is not practical, an alternate and safe supply of water should be used for consumptive purposes (i.e., bottled water).

Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet #1 – Boil Water Advisory for Drinking Water Only contains additional information on water use and can be found at the website shown below.

To review Fact Sheets on water use, please go to or

To avoid burn injuries from hot water, caution should be taken.  Please keep young children away from boiling water.  Place kettles and pots away from counter and stove edges.

Please share this information with other people who use the tap water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, renters, tenants, staff or clients).  This notice can also be posted in common areas where people tend to gather.


The Boil Water Advisory will remain in effect until at least Wednesday, January 12, 2022 in order to determine that the water supplied by this water system no longer presents a risk to public health.  The public will be notified when the advisory has been rescinded.  Residents are asked to consult the Town of Altona website ( or social media ( for further updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town of Altona Administration Office at 204-324-6468, or the Regional Drinking Water Officer at 204-795-6908, or Health Links at 204-788-8200 (toll free at 1-888-315-9257).

Request for Proposals: KSC

Kiddie Sunshine Centre is looking for a Commercial Construction Project Manager. Proposals of qualifications and fees for professional commercial construction project management services are requested. See the below PDF for a full outline of the request. Proposals must be submitted by January 28, 2022 to Any inquiries related to this RFP, including requests for clarification or information shall be directed to Kiddie Sunshine Centre Board, Attn: Jenna Book,

Thank you for your service, Glen

Altona, MB. December 29, 2021:

Glen Robinson was first elected to the Town of Altona Council in 2010, following his 19 years of service to the community as Chief of Police. Throughout his tenure as a Member of Council, Glen represented the community on a variety of boards and organizations, including regional initiatives such as the RPGA Planning District, and Shared Services, and community growth initiatives such as the Altona & District Chamber of Commerce. Glen has been a strong advocate for healthcare in Altona, and the Altona Clinic in his role with the Altona & District Health Care Centre board. He also took on a leadership role within the Council as Deputy Mayor for several years. In December of 2021, Glen submitted a letter of resignation and has ended his 11 years of representing the residents of Altona as an elected official.

“I sat next to Glen when my term began, and have always appreciated his advice, along with knowledge and care for the community,” said Mayor Al Friesen. “On behalf of Altona’s residents, thank you for your thirty plus years of service to our community.”

Light Up Altona

Check out the participating properties in the Light Up Altona challenge! With 50 decorated homes/businesses to view, it should be a lovely tour!

Not wanting to bundle up in the car to view the lights? Don’t worry! Together with the Celebrate 150 host committee, the Altona and District Chamber of Commerce, and the Film Collective, we’ve put together a virtual tour, which will be streamed on the Town of Altona Facebook page at 7:00 pm on Christmas Eve (December 24) for you to enjoy!

Protecting Staff, the Community, and Our Municipal Services

Altona, MB. December 21, 2021:

The Town of Altona is taking additional measures to protect its staff, community, and the continuity of municipal services.

At a special meeting of Council on December 21, 2021, the Town of Altona Council voted unanimously in favour of a policy requiring all staff members to engage in a rapid testing regimen, or provide proof of vaccination. This policy will come into effect on January 4, 2022 and will apply to all Town of Altona staff.

This decision comes after a month of consulting with and receiving feedback from staff on the proposed policy. In addition to this added layer of protection, staff will continue their enhanced safety protocols related to COVID-19, including but not limited to mask use, physical distancing, and staying home when sick.

The Town of Altona Council, all of whom are fully vaccinated, continues to encourage its staff and community to become vaccinated, and speak to their trusted medical professional with any concerns they may have.

12 Days of Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

On the first day of Christmas, Public Works gave to you…
the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Our Public Works team has put up 12 new Christmas lights around the downtown area! They are themed after the 12 Days of Christmas carol, and are hidden all over the place.

If you can find all 12 lights, and answer the scavenger hunt questions, you could win a prize!

Prizes will be given out to the first 12 residents to submit the correct scavenger hunt answers! Answers can be submitted by emailing, sending a message to us on Facebook or Instagram, or dropping by the Civic Centre office during business hours.

**Please note, #4 and #9 are accidentally swapped. Please use the clue for #4 to find 9, and the reverse.**

Limit one prize per person, answers must be submitted before 1 pm on December 24th, 2021 to qualify.

CommUNITY Support Team Research Study

Prevention and Intervention: An Examination of Community Mobilization Responses to Crime is a study being done that includes information about Altona’s community mobilization initiative, the CommUNITY Support Team.

Learn more about participating in this study by viewing the embedded PDF or downloading the PDF below

Water Restrictions Eased

The drought state of emergency has been lifted due to the amount of precipitation received and the elevated river flows. The Red River level is 14 inches higher than it was at the end of June.

The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative will continue to monitor the situation throughout the winter and into next spring to ensure that adequate water supply is maintained, and individual municipalities will continue to issue their own levels of restriction.

What does this mean for outdoor water use in Altona?

We are now moving from stage three to stage two under our water conservation bylaw. Tap through the list below to learn how to conserve water under this level of restriction.

Manual exterior window washing and watering of gardens
Voluntary Reduction
Washing sidewalks, walkways, driveways, exterior building surfaces or other outdoor surfaces.
Pesticide or fertilizer application.
Washing vehicles.
Filling fountains or other decorative features.
Filling hot tubs, swimming pools and wading pools.
Water use for construction purposes, including grading, compaction and dust control.
Outdoor ice making.
Hydrant and sewer main flushing.
Street cleaning.
Permitted at limited capacity
Watering of lawns is permitted once per week, even-numbered properties on Saturdays and odd-numbered properties on Sundays.
Watering of new grass plantings with reasonable evidence of recent installation, and watering of flowers, trees and shrubs is permitted every other day on an odd/even schedule.

Thank you for your continued efforts to conserve water and protect our water supply.

Join the Altona Police Board

The Town of Altona is accepting applications for the position of Citizen at Large to serve on the Altona Police Board.


  • must be at least 18 years of age:
  • must be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident:
  • must reside in, be employed in, or have a business interest in, the Town of Altona.


The following are attributes that are considered important for members to effectively contribute to the Board.  While not all potential members need to possess all of these attributes, the Board strives to ensure they are all represented by the group.

  • Service to the community – a willingness to serve the community, actively contributing through volunteerism or other activities.
  • Community-oriented – conscious of the community’s needs, values and expectations and considerate of the community’s best interests when making governance decisions.
  • Board experience – demonstrated experience serving on community or corporate boards of directors and understanding of the governance role.
  • Strategic thinking – ability to actively contribute to developing long term strategic plans for the Altona Police Service.
  • Integrity – a demonstrated record of professionalism, discretion and good judgment.
  • Financial literacy – basic financial literacy to participate in budget discussions and to understand how decisions affect Altona Police Service resources.
  • Availability – willingness and ability to commit the time necessary to prepare and participate in meetings.
  • Compatibility – ability to develop strong working relationships with others and to share an interest in community safety and effective policing.
  • Education – an interest in learning and reading with an ability to critically evaluate it and participate in discussions.

The selected applicant will be subject to a comprehensive background check. Remuneration is based on an hourly amount, and will be by way of honorarium.

Persons interested may drop off a letter and resume detailing their interest and relevant experience at the Altona Town Administration Office at 111 Centre Avenue from Monday through Friday from 8:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m, or by email at

The application deadline is November 19, 2021.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30, 2021 is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the lost children and survivors of residential schools, their families, and communities.

The Town of Altona recognizes that education and reflection are crucial components of our work towards reconciliation. As a municipal government, we have been called upon by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to provide education to all public servants on the history of Indigenous peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties & Indigenous rights, Indigenous law, and Indigenous-Crown relations.

In July, following Canada Day, we committed to answering this call to action, to engaging in intentional and meaningful conversations, and listening and learning.

As part of that commitment, we registered our team in training courses from the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, a non-profit corporation based in Winnipeg which supports self-governance and capacity building in the Indigenous community. This e-learning course, titled Indigenous Awareness Training, was specifically designed for non-Indigenous people working with Indigenous communities, and provided education on the topics highlighted in the call to action.

All of Council, management, and front-line staff were required to complete the course by September 30, 2021, with the remainder required to finish by December 31, 2021. As of today, 86% of the team have completed the course, with some members of staff and Council seeking out additional training courses to further their knowledge and understanding of the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

On September 30, 2021:

The Town of Altona Administration offices and Public Works department will be closed in observance of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The arena will remain open for scheduled bookings, the waste disposal site will remain open, and waste collection will proceed as scheduled. Staff have been asked to take this time to reflect on what they have learned so far, and further reflect upon the impact of residential schools, and have been provided with a list of resources and further educational opportunities.

Municipal flags will be lowered to half-mast, and will remain at half-mast on October 1st, 2021 as students from Ecole Elmwood School participate in a memorial walk which concludes at the flagpoles.

We encourage you to spend time this week learning and reflecting. Here are some links to educational resources.