Business Retention & Expansion Program

The Altona Community Development Corporation is continuing to work on their Business Retention & Expansion Program. Business retention and expansion is a community-based economic development strategy with a focus on “taking care of, nurturing and supporting” businesses already existing in the community. A structured business survey is utilized as a means of beginning a dialogue with local businesses with the intent of identifying issues, concerns and potential opportunities and taking action where appropriate.
BR+E works to improve the competitiveness of local businesses by identifying and addressing their needs and concerns and building on business development opportunities. This is crucial to the sustained viability of communities since businesses that stay competitive are more likely to remain and expand in the community.
BR+E is an ongoing cooperative effort between business, local government, agencies, other organizations and people in the community with the purpose of identifying opportunities and actions to assist local businesses in expansion, the retention and creation of jobs and the diversification of the local economic base, as well as the implementation of defined actions to improve the local business climate.
Short Term Objectives

  • Build relationships with existing businesses
  • Demonstrate and provide community support for local business
  • Address urgent business concerns and issues
  • Improve communication between the community and local businesses
  • Retention of business and jobs where there is a risk of closure

Long-term Objectives

  • Increase the competitiveness of local businesses
  • Job creation and new business development
  • Establish and implement strategic actions for local development
  • Strong viable local economy