Altona Weather Warning System

Siren The Altona Emergency Warning Siren may be activated when Altona is threatened by any hazard. The siren is to alert those individuals outdoors of a possible emergency and to seek shelter immediately.

When the Emergency Warning Siren sounds longer than 30 seconds, tune into radio CFAM 950 am to find out what the threat is, and how to protect yourself.

The siren will be activated for four (4) minutes in the high-low or wail signal to alert the community of an emergency. There will be  no ALL CLEAR   siren activation, as the information regarding the emergency will be broadcast through CFAM 950 AM.

OUTDOOR SIRENS are an effective method of outdoor notification; however the sirens should not be relied upon for early warning for individuals indoors. Air-conditioning, thunder, rain, wind and other conditions can cause the sirens not to be heard indoors.