Altona Votes Yes on Retail Cannabis

The Town of Altona should allow licensed cannabis stores within Town limits, said voters in the plebiscite held on October 14th, 2020.

1,155 voters cast their ballots in the polls, including advanced polls on October 8th, 2020, mail in ballots, and mobile polling stations. That is a voter turnout of just over 36%. Of those 1,155 voters, 692 voted “yes” to the question: “should licensed retail cannabis stores be allowed in Altona?”.

“Town Council is encouraged by the response of Altona Residents,” said Mayor Friesen. “We had supported the original decision to not oppose the establishment of a retail cannabis operation for what we felt were valid reasons of growth, progress and safety for residents of all ages, and feel validated that the community agreed with our goal of moving forward.  We thank those who weighed the pros and cons and especially the over 800 viewers of our Conversation on Cannabis livestream and cast their ballot accordingly.”

The plebiscite was called following a petition from the community that was presented earlier this year. The plebiscite was initially set for May of 2020, but was pushed back to October to better prepare safety precautions regarding COVID-19.

While the primary retailer chosen by the Province of Manitoba for the community has gone in a different direction, the secondary retailer will now be contacted.

  Yes No Total Votes
Poll 1 226 136 362
Poll 2 197 143 340
Mobile Poll 1 37 62 99
Mobile Poll 2 14 31 45
Advanced Poll 218 91 309
Total 692 463 1155