Altona EOC Update

April 25, 2022 | 1:00 pm

The Town of Altona Local Emergency Response Group met again this morning.

Some ground was gained overnight in the fight against floodwaters in Altona.  All three lift stations are now operating as normal, and wastewater is no longer being redirected to ditches.

Streets continue to be draining well throughout town, and the northwest corner is being closely monitored against overland flooding. A temporary dike has been constructed along 9th St NW, and pumps continue to be in place to redirect water.

On April 24th, emergency water service repair was required in the southeast of Altona. This issue was unrelated to the overland flooding, but required immediate attention. The issue was repaired swiftly and water service returned to the affected area of approximately 80 residents at 2:30 in the morning. That localized area is currently under a precautionary boil water advisory, as the water was turned off for a few hours for the repair. Members of the Altona Rhineland Emergency Services delivered notices door to door to all affected homes last night so that our Public Utilities team could continue to focus their attention where it was needed.

The Town of Altona has accessed many additional resources to protect the town against overland flooding. A kilometre length of tiger dam is now on site and in reserve, ready to be deployed should the water from Buffalo Creek threaten to breach the dike. Twenty-five thousand sandbags are now on site, along with a sandbag filling machine.

If residents of Altona or Rhineland are looking for sandbags to protect their properties from overland flooding, sandbags are available to be filled at the Millennium Exhibition Centre parking lot.

Residents continue to be asked to reduce strain on the wastewater system by ensuring that sump pumps are moving water to the street or onto their yard, and not into a drain.

If your home or business is being severely impacted by these events, please contact the Emergency Operations Centre at 204-324-8190 or by emailing

Residents can stay up to date with important information by following local media, and by registering for Altona Connect notification system at