Altona EOC Update: Cautious Optimism

The Town of Altona team is cautiously optimistic today with clear skies and receding floodwaters.

The wastewater system is operating normally, but residents are asked to take advantage of this lull in precipitation to re-route their sump pumps to drain outdoors if they have not already done so.

The drainage system within the community is working effectively, and the risk of overland flooding continues to be closely monitored.

The Town of Altona Parks team spent their day today, along with volunteers from Blue Sky Opportunities and the Rapid Response volunteer group, filling sandbags using a sandbag filling machine. Sandbags are available in limited supply at the Millennium Exhibition Centre parking lot for Altona or Rhineland residents who need them to protect their homes or businesses.

The Emergency Operations Centre continues to be active, and can be reached at 204-324-8190 or