Dutch Elm Disease Surveys Taking Place in Altona this summer

Subject: Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, Forestry and Peatlands Branch – Dutch Elm Disease Surveys/Invasive Forest Pest Monitoring/COVID-19

  • Dutch elm disease surveys and emerald ash borer monitoring will be moving forward again this season in participating communities.
  • Provincial surveyors will be driving or walking around both public and private properties while they work.
  • Surveyors wear high visibility vests and government issued identification. This year, staff will also be wearing masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE), due to COVID-19.
  • In support of physical distancing measures, our staff may not approach every resident or house before entering onto properties to conduct surveys. 
  • Surveyors will still ring doorbells or knock on doors prior to taking branch samples, marking trees, or identifying firewood piles for removal under the Dutch elm disease management program.
  • Our staff will always maintain at least two metres distance between themselves and others, and we ask that residents respect this policy when approaching our staff as well.

Contact Us:

Manitoba Tree Line:  204-945-7866 or treeline@gov.mb.ca

Water Restrictions Lessened, Not Lifted

Thanks to the hard work of the Altona community, as well as the efforts of the other municipalities within the Pembina Valley Water Coop, the PVWC has downgraded our water restriction. This change also comes due to a favourable weather forecast and the agriculture spraying season wrapping up, which should reduce demand on the system.

We all still need to practice water conservation, and our Water Works, Public Works, and Parks teams will continue to use non-potable water for their tasks as much as possible. If you would like to request that your rain barrel be filled with non-potable water for your own use, you may contact our office to make arrangements (204-324-6468).

Updated Restrictions:

  • Manual exterior window washing is permitted.
  • Watering of gardens is permitted.
  • Watering of flowers, trees and shrubs, and new grass plantings is permitted on an even/odd schedule (even-numbered houses on even days, etc).
  • Watering of lawns may resume once a week with even numbered civic addresses watering on Saturdays, and odd numbered civic addresses on Sundays.

We are also asking for a voluntary reduction of water use for the following activities:

  • Pesticide or fertilizer application
  • Washing of vehicles
  • Filling fountains & other decorative features
  • Filling of pools, hot tubs and wading pools
  • Water use for construction purposes
  • Washing sidewalks, driveways, exterior building surfaces, etc

Our target is a 10% reduction in water consumption.

Downtown Drainage Project

To Residents,

Notice of an Upcoming Land Drainage Sewer Project

2nd St NE from 4th Avenue NE to 6th Avenue NE, and 4th Avenue NE from 2nd St NE to PTH 30.

Starting the week of June 14, 2021, a Contractor will begin preparing to complete replacement of land drainage sewers and lift station and forcemain installation in Altona.  The anticipated schedule is as follows:

  • 2nd St NE: June 14, 2021 until June 28, 2021
  • 4th Avenue NE: June 28, 2021 until July 19, 2021

The proposed schedule is a best case scenario and is subject to change due to inclement weather and/or unforeseen construction issues.  Significant delay, if encountered, will be communicated to affected residents/ business owners.

The contractor will close sections of 2nd St NE during construction.  There will be excavation of the boulevards as well as on private property to connect existing land drainage sewer to the new piping. It is inevitable that some infrastructure and trees may need to be removed as the new LDS is placed. Topsoil for each excavated area may be a few inches higher than existing to allow for settlement. The contractor will make arrangements to water all areas seeded until sprouted. The second portion of the construction will occur on 4th Avenue NE during which the contractor will may close one lane of traffic.

During periods of construction the contractor will attempt to provide access to driveways, however no access will be permitted during some construction activities. Affected residents can use adjacent streets for parking while their street is under construction.  Foot access will be maintained to households. Recycling and garbage collection will be maintained throughout construction.

Once the land drainage sewer replacement work is completed, the contractor will restore any damaged areas as soon as possible, with final restoration to be completed in the fall, 2021.

To keep your children safe, please keep them away from the construction sites at all times.

J-CON Civil Ltd. is the contractor for this project.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Matt Fisher, of JR Cousin Consultants Ltd., at 204-489-0474 during regular business hours or by email at mfisher@jrcc.ca.  The contact for J-CON Civil LTD. is Matt Haresign at 204-794-5153 and for the Town of Altona is Clint Derksen at 204-324-6439.

We understand that this project may cause you some inconvenience. We appreciate your patience.


JR Cousin Consultants Ltd.

Town of Altona

Borrowing Bylaw: First Reading

On June 22, 2021 at 5:30 pm, the Town of Altona Council will consider the below borrowing bylaw for first reading.

Mandatory Water Reduction

Altona, MB. June 3, 2021:

The Town of Altona receives daily updates from the Pembina Valley Water Coop regarding water storage and supply levels. In today’s call, it became apparent that demand is outstripping supply at an unsustainable rate, even with the introduction of voluntary water reduction. Due to this continually increasing demand, mandatory water reduction restrictions are now in effect in Altona.

The Town of Altona is reducing municipal water usage by using non-potable water to complete annual sewer flushing work, and watering municipal gardens and plantings on an as-needed basis only, using non-potable water wherever possible. The irrigation system at the Gallery in the Park is not in use at this time, and the Town of Altona bulk water station is closed.

Local residents and businesses are asked to help reduce the strain on the water plant by implementing the following mandatory measures:

  • No watering of lawns until further notice
  • Gardens and flowers may only be watered every other day at the maximum. Residents at even-numbered civic addresses may water on even-numbered days, and odd-numbered days for residents with odd-numbered civic addresses.
  • No vehicle washing except at commercial car wash facilities
  • No filling of swimming pools or hot tubs until further notice
  • No washing the exterior of structures or pavement with pressure washer or hose until further notice
  • Spraying crops only if necessary, using non-potable water sources wherever possible
  • Reducing overall consumption as much as possible, aiming for a 15% reduction.

These restrictions are in place until further notice.

Voluntary Water Reduction

The Town of Altona has received notice from the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative requesting a mandatory water reduction of 15% within our municipality.

Our water comes from the Letellier water treatment plant, which is currently operating at maximum capacity. There is adequate water in the river; however, the current infrastructure does not allow for any more water to be drawn, and the hot weather expected this week and next will continue to put strain on the system.

The Town of Altona is reducing municipal water usage by using non-potable water to complete annual sewer flushing work, and watering municipal landscaping on an as-needed basis only, using non-potable water where possible.

Local residents and businesses are asked to consider a voluntary reduction in all general water usage. Specifically, residents are asked to consider a reduction in water usage for residential landscaping or garden watering. Residents at odd-numbered civic addresses are asked to only water on odd-numbered days, and residents at even-numbered addresses asked to water on even-numbered days. In addition, residents and businesses are asked to reduce the water they use for vehicle washing at this time.

For more information about ways to reduce water usage, visit https://pvwc.ca/water-conservation/