Every Child Matters

The Town of Altona has lowered their flags to half-mast to honour the 215 children whose lives were taken at the former Kamloops residential school.

For a period of more than 150 years, First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation children were taken from their families and communities to attend schools which were often located far from their homes. More than 150,000 children attended these schools… many never returned. The damages inflicted by Residential Schools continue to this day. If you are not aware of the history and damage caused by this system, we encourage you to learn more. Here are some educational resources:https://nctr.ca/education/every-child-matters/https://nctr.ca/…/teaching…/residential-school-history/

If you are a survivor of the residential school system, we stand with you and honour you. We cannot imagine the pain that you may be feeling at this time. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation offers a Crisis Line support service for survivors of the residential school system. If you, or someone you know, are experiencing pain or distress as a result of your residential school experience, please call 1-866-925-4419

Nursing in Altona

It can be a little intimidating moving to a new community, and so a team of local business owners have put together some supports to provide a ‘soft landing’ here in Altona.

Check out the below document for a breakdown of the financial supports available, a value of up to $7000.

Join our excellent team of nurses here in Altona, in one of the best Southern Health-Santé Sud facilities.

Burn Ban

Updated: As of May 19, 2021 at 5:00 pm the burn ban has been lifted.

Fire Chief Greg Zimmerman has issued a Total Burn Ban for the Town of Altona due to extremely dry conditions and low moisture content. This ban will be effective as of May 16, 2021 at 12:01 am.

This ban applies to all burning, including fires contained within fire pits and solid fuel burning appliances, as per the Fire Prevention and Emergency Service Bylaw.

This burn ban will be in effect until further notice.  

In the event of a fire emergency, dial 911.