Temporary Closure of 4th St SW

A manhole on 4th St SW is being replaced, which requires the closure of a section of road for up to five days next week. The north end of 4th St SW in Altona, from Centre Avenue to the north side of Westwood Crescent, will be closed for the week of Monday, August 31st – Friday, September 4th.

This construction is part of the Manitoba Water Services Board cost-sharing project that the Town of Altona is undertaking this year. This project will also see the replacement of two sixty year old concrete lift stations, one in the southwest corner and one in the southeast corner. Lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation, and are crucial in the operation of a sewer system. The two lift stations will be replaced by brand-new fibreglass lift stations, which are larger and allow for more efficient pumping.

Residents may recall the sewer main break that occurred last October along this stretch of road, cancelling classes at École Elmwood School and closing the road for repairs. The issue was temporarily repaired last fall, with the intention of replacing the manhole this year to ensure a long-lasting solution.

Heavy equipment has moved into other areas of the southwest corner in preparation for construction, and residents are asked to be aware that traffic may at times be diverted to maintain public safety and a safe work environment for the contractors.

2021 Board of Revision

The 2021 Real Property, Personal Property and Business Property Assessment Rolls have been deposited in the Office of the Clerk at 111 Centre Avenue East (Town of Altona Civic Centre) and will be open for inspection by any person(s) during regular office hours.

The Board of Revision will sit at the Altona Curling Club Lounge of the Town of Altona located at the Millennium Exhibition Centre 227 10th Avenue NW in Altona on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 at 6:00 P.M. for the purpose of revising the Assessment Rolls of the Town of Altona.

Complaints against any of the above noted assessments must be received by the Secretary of the Board by Monday, September 28th, 2020 and may be made as follows:

Application for revision:
42(1) A person in whose name property has been assessed, a mortgagee in possession of property under subsection 114(1) of The Real Property Act, an occupier of premises who is required under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the property, or the assessor may make application for the revision of an assessment roll with respect to the following matters:

  • (a) liability to taxation
  • (b) amount of an assessed value;
  • (c) classification of property;
  • (d) a refusal by an assessor to amend the assessment roll under subsection 13(2).

Application requirements:
43(1) An application for revision must:

  • (a) be made in writing;
  • (b) set out the roll number and legal description of the assessable property for which a revision is sought;
  • (c) set out which of the matters referred to in subsection 42(1) are at issue, and the grounds for each of those matters; and
  • (d) be filed by: (i) delivering it or causing it to be delivered to the office indicated in the public notice given under subsection 41(2), or (ii) serving it upon the secretary, at least 15 days before the scheduled sitting date of the board (no later than September 28th, 2020) as indicated in the public notice.

Terry Fehr, Secretary
Board of Revision for the Town of Altona

Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Rescinded

The precautionary boil water advisory that was issued for Parkside Village Trailer Park, and homes on 10th Avenue NW between 2nd St NW and 3rd St NW has been lifted, as of Monday August 10th at 5:30 pm. You may now resume regular water usage.

Water Break and Precautionary Boil Water Advisory

A water main break along 10th Avenue NW during the paving project caused a water service interruption in a localized area of the NW area of Altona on Friday afternoon (approximately around 1 pm).  The break could not be isolated quickly because crews had difficulty removing equipment to access the necessary valves.

Late Friday evening, water service was isolated leaving only three properties without water service.  Two were provided temporary alternative service.  The Town will work to restore normal water service to all properties first thing Monday morning by completing the repair. The Town of Altona Public Works were forced to shut off water to a small area, and therefore a precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for Parkside Village Trailer Park, and homes on 10th Avenue NW between 2nd St NW and 3rd St NW. Please see the attachment for more information.

The extended interruption appears to have caused a malfunction at the Town’s southeast reservoir and two pumps need to be replaced.  Prior to diagnosing this problem on Friday afternoon, residents throughout Altona may have noticed lower water pressure.  It will be a top priority to get replacement pumps on Monday morning, efforts to contact suppliers for pumps on Friday were not successful.

Finally, the water main break along 10th Avenue NW will also delay the completion of the paving project.  Once the break is repaired, the road base will be re-assessed before resuming paving.

The Town would like to express it’s gratitude to staff and contractors who worked tirelessly Friday evening to resolve this unfortunate situation. The Town also thanks residents and businesses along 10th Avenue NW affected by the road closure who have been extremely patient throughout the project.

More information will follow next week when the repair is completed and the paving project site is re-evaluated.

Water Main Break

If you are experiencing low water pressure, please be advised that the Town of Altona Public Works staff is investigating a water main break and will be restoring normal pressure as soon as possible.

Road Closure: 4th Street SW

The Town of Altona will be closing a portion of 4th Street SW on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. The section of 4th Street SW between 4th Avenue SW and Martin Crescent SW will be closed until late in the day on Thursday, August 6, 2020 in order to complete road surface repairs.

Local traffic for residents within the affected area will need to travel on alternate routes.