Spring Clean-Up

UPDATE: Spring Clean Up will take place June 8th – 11th with a few changes. Please visit https://altona.ca/residents/community-and-social-services/spring-clean-up/

In the past, Spring Clean-Up has been held in May, and was an opportunity for Altona residents to clean out some household items and tidy up their yards without having to take a trip to the landfill. This year, instead of holding Spring Clean-Up in May, it has been scheduled in June. This decision was made last year, to better fit with the scheduled activities of the Public Works team. In May, they will be busy with lots of other activities, such as sweeping streets and boulevards,

If you don’t want to wait to start clearing up your yard, don’t worry! Weekly compost collection is back, and your yard waste (except branches) can all be picked up by the weekly collection! Fill your compost cart, and then use paper yard bags, or a container with molded handles for the extra. Remember, you are not limited in the amount of compostable materials that you can set out.

If you don’t want to wait to clean out household items, the landfill and waste diversion loop are still open. We are not accepting cash at this time, so please be prepared with an alternate payment method.

*Please note: a final decision has not been made, and this service is subject to change in light of COVID-19.

Dr. S.S. Toni Scholarship: 2020

The Altona & District Health Care Board is inviting applications of the 2020 Dr. S. S. Toni Scholarship Awards from residents within the boundaries of the Municipality of Rhineland and the Rural Municipality of Montcalm including the Towns of Altona, Gretna, Plum Coulee and St. Jean, who are pursuing a healthrelated career.

The application is available below.

Deadline for applications is May 15, 2020 Please forward your application to:

Dr. Toni Scholarship Fund, Attention: Michael Rempel

Box 270, Altona, Manitoba R0G 0B0

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Rempel at 324-5357 or by email michael.rempel@rhinelandmb.ca

Planned Power Outage

On April 23rd from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, there is a planned power outage in Altona to allow Manitoba Hydro to re-conductor power lines. Please see below for the affected areas. Visit https://www.hydro.mb.ca/outages/planned/ for more information.

Centre Ave, between 2nd St. SW and 2nd St. NW., 2nd St. SW., Westwood Cr., 4th Ave. SW between 4th St. SW and 1st St. SW, South Pl., Dray Pl., Mandy Cove, McKinley Cove, Martin Cr., Fifth Ave. SW, Southridge St., Boardwalk Pl., Connor Pl., Park Pl