12 Days of Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

On the first day of Christmas, Public Works gave to you…
the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt.

Our Public Works team has put up 12 new Christmas lights around the downtown area! They are themed after the 12 Days of Christmas carol, and are hidden all over the place.

If you can find all 12 lights, and answer the scavenger hunt questions, you could win a prize!

Prizes will be given out to the first 12 residents to submit the correct scavenger hunt answers! Answers can be submitted by emailing communications@altona.ca, sending a message to us on Facebook or Instagram, or dropping by the Civic Centre office during business hours.

**Please note, #4 and #9 are accidentally swapped. Please use the clue for #4 to find 9, and the reverse.**

Limit one prize per person, answers must be submitted before 1 pm on December 24th, 2021 to qualify.